About Us

Elegant simplicity and freedom of movement for women everywhere.

We are constantly on the go, and thanks to modern life and expanding technology, our smartphones have become the one thing we can’t live without. As a result, we have our hands full with keys, phones and wallets more often than not. The Se-rene range of luxury genuine leather, pocket-size, cross-body phone covers, bags and pouches are the elegant yet simple answer to a hands-free lifestyle for busy women. 

We curate all of our products with you in mind. High-quality gold or pewter hardware and beautifully crafted canvases complement soft-to-the-touch leathers. Our signature Complete Sets are timelessly classic, while a variety of straps, bags and pouches can add a little je nais se quois to a night out, day at the gym or a lunch date with a friend. 

Indulge in contemporary minimalism and extravagant style when you add a Se-rene product to your wardrobe. Elegance has never been more functional.